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A 2SweatBees review of Quench Gum……

The awesome guys over at Mueller sent us some Quench Gum to sample So, Sandra and I decided to pass it out to our friends and co-workers so we could provide Mueller with some good feedback. We decided to keep our extra reviewers anonymous but still let you see what they had to say whether it be good or bad. Please continue reading….


Mueller’s website: http://www.muellersportsmed.com/

Quench Gum’s website: http://www.quenchgum.com/



Make sure you scroll to the bottom for our individual Sweat Bee reviews 🙂



Double Raspberry

“too sweet for me!”

“more like cotton candy than raspberry”



Orange Fruit Punch

“Burst of fruitful flavor!”

“Tastes great! Kind of sour in a good way. Flavor lasted pretty good. Even when the flavor faded it was pleasant to chew. A little tough at first but kept me from getting cotton mouth during a pretty tough workout.”

“This is for sure my favorite!!”

“Easier to chew than the individual orange or fruit punch flavors”


Strawberry Watermelon

“lost flavor too quick”

“pretty good”

“Ewww….but I don’t like watermelon flavored anything so other people might like it.”



Fruit Explosion

“Nice chew to start out. Had an awesome burst of flavor. Chewed for a little while with flavor and then after about 15 mins. or so, it lost flavor. My mouth stayed moist throughout the entire workout.”

“Very sweet…..almost too sweet. Flavor lasts longer than the other ones.”



“Very tough to soften in your mouth, then it’s just okay. Instead of losing its flavor like the others it kind of changes to an unpleasant flavor. I chewed this piece for over an hour and when the after-flavor goes away it kind of tastes like nothing.”

“I really like this. I think it’s my favorite.”



“Love this flavor!!”

“Wow, it’s like getting punched in the mouth but in a good way.”

“I will buy this now that I have tried it.”


Fruit Punch

“Loses flavor very fast but has a nice burst of flavor at the beginning”

“This flavor is competing with orange as my favorite”



“ZING! Yum.”

“sour and goooooood”

Danielle and Sandra at the Cow Paddy 5K sporting our Quench Gum T-shirts, chewing our Quench Gum, and showing support for local public schools!!


Our Reviews of Quench Gum Below:

Danielle’s Review:

Being a newbie to the world of exercise/fitness, I had never seen a product like this until Mueller mailed it to us. At first chew, which happened to be the orange fruit punch flavor, it was very hard but VERY flavorful. Once I got it softened up I really enjoyed it and chewed it all through my workout and until I went home that evening. It lost the intense flavor pretty quick but still kept some flavor the entire time I chewed it. I decided to chew the fruit explosion flavor at my next workout. It was much easier to chew and also much smaller. I bet some people chew this flavor two pieces at a time. Fruit explosion is much sweeter to me than the other flavors. I think it is maybe more about the type of gum since was completely different in shape/texture than the others. If you don’t like the more tough versions then don’t give up on Quench….try Fruit explosion. If I put the varieties of Quench Gum in order from toughest to easiest when starting to chew it would be 1. individual flavors (grape, lemon, orange, fruit punch) 2. mixed flavors (orange fruit punch, double raspberry, strawberry watermelon) then 3. Fruit explosion which was the easiest to chew. I went on to try the other flavors (all that were mailed to me) and liked them in this order: 1. orange fruit punch, 2. fruit punch, 3. orange, 4. fruit explosion, 5. lemon, 6. grape, 7. double raspberry, 8. strawberry watermelon. I have really enjoyed chewing this gum. I have chewed it during several running events and several workouts now. I even chewed it during a 4 mile obstacle run through sand and my mouth didn’t dry out at all. The purpose of this gum is to help keep your mouth hydrated during physical endurance activities and I have to say it really does a good job. I tend to like sour, citrus based flavors so orange fruit punch was my clear favorite. I don’t know if there are other flavors, so I may be making a suggestion that is not necessary, but I would love to see mint flavored quench or better yet, GRAPEFRUIT!! I would absolutely love that flavor! If you have not tried Quench Gum and you get cotton mouth during workouts or just like chewing gum then you should go out and buy some (it’s reasonably priced). If you like sour flavors then try orange fruit punch or maybe lemon. If you like sweet flavors then you might try double raspberry or grape.



Sandra’s Review:

I was excited to see that there were many different options of gum out there. I always thought the only options there were, were at the grocery store. I did not realize there was such thing as a sports gum until Mueller sent us a nice little care package with this included. I love gum and I have to say most of the gum they sent, I was ok with. My very favorite had to have been the Fruit Explosion. It started off with an explosion of fruit flavor and by the time I was done with my workout, I may have had some flavor left but mainly, my mouth was not dry. I loved the flavor and beat my expectations. I think I liked this gum more because it wasn’t so thick and hard to chew to start out with. My favorite flavors outside of the Fruit Explosion were the Orange, Lemon, Double Raspberry, and Strawberry Watermelon. They had great flavors but were hard to chew. I chewed the Fruit Explosion through the 4 mile Sandmine Challenge and I chewed the Lemon in the 5k Cow Paddy Run. Over all, I was impressed with the flavors. The Quench Gum has been a huge hit with the 2 Sweat Bees. We enjoyed the flavors and can’t wait for new flavors to come out. It served its purpose keeping your mouth hydrated. Thanks for another great product!



For a video on the story behind Quench Gum please click on this link: http://www.quenchgum.com/video/quench_video.html