Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

Monthly Archives / November 2013

Funny Runners…..

….. Yes we look funny but we are improving our health. Get out and run!! Don’t worry about how you look while running, just get started! Danielle and I never care how we look while running because we are taking steps to better our lives not to just cross the finish line. The only direction […]

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Temptation Tuesday…..

Today, I have been tempted!!! I got up from my desk and was headed to the candy machine. But, I kept walking past the door. I came back and downed a bottle of water and ate some jello. I made a promise to myself and others to start eating healthy and to avoid as much […]

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Fellow Sweat Bee Anna

Meet Anna! She started her ”journey” on August 19, 2013. Anna’s jump start had stemmed from a visit from her┬ániece and when she had looked back on all her pictures from the visit she became discouraged. Anna either found herself hiding in the pictures or she made sure and took them from chest up.   […]

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Straying From the Path…..

Many of you know my story. But for those who don’t, I started my weight loss journey on January 19, 2012. I had enough stress in my life that I did not need my weight added to it. I was at my highest weight ever. You hear people say, “You can’t just decide one day […]

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