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Monthly Archives / March 2014

Are you ready to get healthy? Take these quizzes to find out!

                                          Quiz: Are You Ready to Commit to a Healthy Diet? By EatingWell Editors Are you ready for a new life? Some diet plans urge you to “get started right now” regardless of what else is […]

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Stretching Challenge!!

I think stretching is an important thing for everyone to do so I have decided to pull several sources of info. on stretching and you can decide which stretches are right for you. I figure any stretching is better than no stretching at all. As always, please consult your doctor before attempting any new physical […]

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Ankle Support? Yes Please!!!!!

Danielle and I decided to start walking the park again last night. We were so excited to get back outside after all the nasty wintry weather we have been having. We didn’t have much time to go around the park so we agreed in the time we had, 1 lap was okay. We finished up […]

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Weighing In

What value do you place on your bathroom scale? I always hear people say such negative things about themselves when it comes to their weight. I have been guilty of this for years but I have let myself realize IT IS JUST A NUMBER! It’s not about getting to the same weight you were in […]

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Being Positive

So, a few years ago, I had this thought in my head to start respecting my body and my mind more. Meaning, I chose health. My life felt like it was quickly taking a turn for the worse before I made that decision. I was constantly having headaches and back issues. I did not respect […]

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