Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

3 Years Running!!!

This is an image from our very first running event exactly 3 years ago. Seems like so much has changed since then. This run was a 1 mile fun run and we questioned whether or not we could even finish it. You can tell from our goofy grins that this “fun run” was igniting something within us that we would not be able to ignore. Since this run I have gone on to complete 15 additional runs (1-4 miles) and Sandra has gone on to complete 12 additional runs (1-4 miles). During this time we have had great success and met many goals however, we have also experienced the frustration of falling back into old habits as well. Right now are back to climbing that hill towards health and fitness. One step back – two steps forward right?? I can’t help but think that if we hadn’t taken this opportunity to push ourselves way out of our comfort zone to do this run then we might have never even started 2 Sweat Bees. It’s crazy how one simple decision can be so life changing. It is also very encouraging to look back at our race photos and see how much we have changed and what we are capable of. All you runners out there (yes, fun runners too) take a moment and look back at what you have acomplished!! You guys ROCK! To anyone reading this who has never participated in a running event…please find one and sign up. It’s not about how fast you finish – just finish. Start with a 1 mile fun run and walk the whole thing if you have to. In the end you can feel great for acomplishing what you set out to do!