Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

This Awesome Lady!!!

You may remember Cindi AKA AtlantaMomZilla from this post back in April 2013.
https://www.2sweatbees.com/category/geocaching/ We first met her through geocacing when she found our “On The Run” travel bug and took it running with her.

We are very happy to report that she has completed her FIRST marathon!!!

Marathon Cat&C2

(L/R) Catherine & Cindi

I’ve heard many times before that in the 2nd half of a marathon your mind really starts to drift into the land of random thoughts and luckily for us thoughts 2SweatBees happened to drift over to Cindi prompting her to send us the following email:
Sandra & Danielle – Hello, Ladies!  It’s Cindi Burck Alsobrook, your friend over in Atlanta. 

I ran the Garmin Oz Marathon last weekend (4/18) in Olathe, KS with a childhood friend. It was my F-I-R-S-T marathon and her second.  My girlfriend encouraged me to sign up a year ago after she completed it, and then she held my hand every step of the way on Saturday.  What a blessing it is that you have each other.  Before this race, I’d always run alone because I assumed running with someone else would irk me. Catherine made me laugh and drink Advocare and eat Quest bars and gaze at blooming Azaleas when I didn’t want to in order to take my mind off my screaming feet.  
It poured on us starting at Mile 6 and sleeted on us in Mile 11.  Around Mile 18, as you can imagine, I started thinking random thoughts like “I need to tell 2sweatbees about this!” Just so you know, I found your On The Run Travel Bug soon after moving to Atlanta and giving birth to #4.  I was in survival mode with a husband that traveled. At that time, my diet consisted of real red label Coke and Pop Tarts and exercise was walking to the bus stop.
So, I was gently nudged by our connection to just start taking better care of myself. You probably remember that I started playing tennis.  Then, I stopped drinking alcohol and then I cut way back on my Cokes.  Now, I’m running longer distances. A sixty-plus-year old in full pink Glenda the Good Witch costume passed me like I was standing still in the last mile but hey, I finished within the time limit and wasn’t hauled off the course in a golf cart!       
Preparing for and then completing 26.2 miles (I used the Jeff Galloway training schedule.) punched my effing 45 year old soul and made me realize that I’m actually getting stronger.  And, the strength is coming from somewhere I never knew existed. I mean, who knew I had undiscovered reserves of oomph?  Now I’m wondering what else I can do?
I wore my medal to the grocery store today.  The 2nd grader has a field trip tomorrow and needed a Lunchable.  When the doors slid open, I was like, “Yo! Somebody important is here!”  I showed Pat in the bakery and Joy in produce and had a detailed discussion about blisters with the cute manager, Jim, near the special cheeses. I’m one of those people that wants to reach out or circle back whenever I get the inkling to do so.  So, I’m doing just that and thanking you again for the spark.  I’m lovin’ you and “bee” in touch, C.

“This quote kept me turned up during my long training runs.” – Cindi

Thank you so much for sharing your 1st marathon story with us!! Also, We are adding you to our group of “Honarary Sweat Bees” becasue you have truely inspired us and we know your story will inspire many others. Keep it up and please continue to keep us updated on your runs & running/fitness achievements.
2 Sweat BeesDanielle and Sandra