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Water Bottle Rafting…….

Many of you may remember our post back in May of 2014. We posted a picture of our water bottle raft that we had worked so hard on. The raft included 92 water bottles, 2 rolls of duct tape, 5 tubes of caulking, lots of creativity, and later LOTS of saran wrap. We were so excited to make our raft but after we finished it, it was to cold to take it out. So we stored it for a LONG TIME!!! We finally decided you guys had waited long enough.

May 9, 2014

This past weekend, we took the good ‘ole raft out! Danielle and I both decided to try it out before we let anyone else on it. We floated a little bit, we stood on it, and Danielle even tried a handstand on it. It survived!!

2015-07-26 12.45.51

So, we thought if we didn’t tear it up, why not let the kids try. All three of the kids got on it and paddled, stood up, and even jumped from it.

2015-07-26 12.51.32

We decided if it would work through all of that, why not float it down the river. So we did. My husband towed it with a kayak, a cooler, and a child!

2015-07-26 13.56.29

We floated down the river for about 2 hours and it STILL survived!! The wait was well worth it and we had an awesome day as result. There were many people commenting on our raft and how we made it. It was definitely a conversation starter. Matter of fact, it was such a good idea that we had it re-homed as soon as we pulled it from the water.