Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

110 To Honor 9/11


Today is a day to honor those who gave their lives to save others in the 9/11 attacks. So many people lost their lives doing what they do everyday. These people were going to work to support their families. These people were moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, firefighters, service men and women, first-responders, police officers and the list could go on. We all think about the people that made the sacrifice that day.

On September 2nd, Danielle and I were asked to join an event at the University of Arkansas to do a “9/11 Memorial Stair Climb” with the Army ROTC on Campus. Although, we would have LOVED to do it, we knew it would not be something we could complete all in one day. We decided to honor them in our own way. That day, we decided to start walking as many flights of stairs per day as we could to eventually get to 110 flights of stairs by 9/11. We posted about it that day that we would do 110 flights by 9/11. Today, as we were walking up our last flights of stairs we realized it was about the same time the last tower fell. This was a way that we could show our respect and honor all of those who lost their lives and family members.



As we were walking up those stairs, I felt tired and sore. But, knowing how much gear and equipment those rescuers were wearing to get to all of these people, I knew I had to keep going. My pain was nothing compared to what they felt at the time or what their families feel now.

A friend of the 2 Sweat Bees had posted something today that kind of stuck with me:

“When people say “never forget” what they maybe should mean is “honor those lost” because to never forget when someone hurts you is to lack the trait of forgiveness. Living in that past and hating others for what they have done to you doesn’t hurt them any, it just eats at you and in the end you do things for revenge, or whatever justification you want to conjure, that are no better than what was done to you to begin with. So take the time today to talk to a survivor, or thank a firefighter, or cry/remember someone you lost, because in honoring those people and moving forward with our lives we are more victorious over terror than we ever can be by fighting wars or killing terrorists.” – Cooper Blackwood