Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

Repunzel, Pascal & Nemo Slay Disney Marathon


Congratulations to Catherine and Cindi for running the Disney Marathon and to Cindi’s husband Joel for running the Disney Half!!

Catherine (Repunzel adn Pascal) and Cindi (Nemo)

Catherine and Cindi rocked the Disney Marathon just like we knew they would. These two ladies are seriously amazing and we love hearing about their running adventures. For this race they had to wake up at 1am to get ready and catch the 3am shuttle to make a 5:30am start. This alone is impressive. I would be sleepwalking this marathon vs. running it if I had to get up this early.

These ladies always wear something fun….so naturally Cindi made sure the back of her Nemo shirt said “DON’T TOUCH THE BUTT” hahaha. LOVE IT!

Marathon 8

If this wasn’t already enough to make you want to run this marathon you must read the way Cindy describes it…

Next, there’s a reason why the majority of the field is first time marathoners.  If you’re going to be one and done, this is the ONE. It’s well organized, and flat and with so much going on, some miles just fly by. It was an experience far beyond expectation and we’ll definitely do it again. 

The fireworks, the karma, the gospel choir singing as you round mile 25 when you think you’re dead, and then there’s this guy …















Having someone to support you is AWESOME!

And, here’s my favorite picture of my husband, Joel.  He did the half on Saturday and then served as our official Sherpa on Sunday.  That man can toss a PB&J and a white visor from 30 yards at a moving target with 100% accuracy.  Now, that’s sexy.

Marathon 5

Way to go Joel!!! We are so happy that you ran too and we are also very impressed with your ability to toss a PB&J haha!