Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

About Us

We are friends who are trying to get fit and healthy. We both have to juggle kind of hectic schedules which include full-time jobs and family activities but we are committed to making it work. Our goal is not only to improve our own health/fitness level but to also encourage our friends, families, and social media groups. We hope our blog will provide you with a source of encouragement and online health/fitness collaboration.

Here is our story:

We decided to start exercising together and paying attention to what we eat in April of 2012 and by October 2012 we realized that we needed more support and accountability. This led to the start of this blog. We were a little unsure about it at first because putting ourselves out there for anyone to see was scary for us. We knew the photos and stories would not always be becoming but at least they would be honest. Shortly after we started our blog we started hearing back from our readers. We were so excited to know that our blog was actually being seen! Y’all were starting to cheer us on and hold us accountable.

Then the unexpected thing happened – we started getting feedback about how we were becoming a source of encouragement for others. Us?……how could we be helping others when we feel, at times, that we can barely help ourselves? The idea of this really threw us. It also really made us want to push ourselves even more.

We feel incredibly blessed to be able to share this blog with all of you. We hope that you will continue to send us “sweaty check-ins” and updates on your personal health/fitness goals and accomplishments. When you write in it confirms to us that we are not alone in our own health goals and we LOVE to see our fellow Sweat Bees reach goals!! Makes us so happy!! Thank you so much for your continued participation and support. We can’t wait to see what our health/fitness future holds.

Thank you for being a part of 2 Sweat Bees!!

Danielle & Sandra



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