Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

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The Buddy System

Have you ever been so excited to get on the health-kick wagon and you started off alone and excited? You did great for a long time and then slowly you started going downhill? I’m almost 100% sure that we have all been there before. When I started my journey, I did it alone. I had […]

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Fellow Sweat Bees

The 2 Sweat Bees have noticed “Fellow Sweat Bees” who have been working hard to change their life style. We love that you guys are sharing your progress with us!   Today, we would like to recognize someone we have been noticing a lot from. This person has been showing some major commitment. Every time […]

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I’ve Got Sunshine….

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May I guess you’d say What can make me feel this way…… SKYLER!!!!!   Today we were showered with a LOVELY gift. Our buddy Skyler brought us this awesome gift. We have been talking about getting one like this […]

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Children’s Advocacy Center Glow Run

Hey guys! I want to thank everyone he was able to join us for the Glow Run in Rogers, AR on April 19th. We all had a blast and couldn’t have asked for a better night to run. Our group was so eager to support the Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County. We had 4 participants in […]

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The Primal Challenge

A few weeks ago I was SCARED to death to run the Primal Challenge. Well, come to find out, there was no reason to be scared. We had some hard obstacles to complete and some horrible hills. It may have hit us hard but we fought back even harder! The 2 Sweat Bees and our […]

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4/23/2013 “On The Run” Geo-caching Update

Our travel bug has the goal of attending as many 5K or other races as possible. We hope it can help motivate people  to get out and get active. Shortly after we set out our “On The Run” travel bug (TB) it was picked up by  an awesome, athletic, geocaching lady who goes by “AtlantaMomzilla.” Thanks to […]

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Get out and PLAY!

The playground isn’t just a fun place for your kiddos. It has everything you you need (and then some) to get a good workout. This weekend I decided to put that to the test. I wasn’t quite sure how to get started because usually when I exercise without equipment like the elliptical it consists of a series of exercises […]

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Harlem Shake 2 Sweat Bees Style!

What are the two sweat bees doing on a friday night? The Harlem Shake! Thanks to family and friends for participating!  

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