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This Awesome Lady!!!

You may remember Cindi AKA AtlantaMomZilla from this post back in April 2013. https://www.2sweatbees.com/category/geocaching/ We first met her through geocacing when she found our “On The Run” travel bug and took it running with her. We are very happy to report that she has completed her FIRST marathon!!! I’ve heard many times before that in the 2nd […]

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This guy……

So, there’s this guy. His name is Daniel. One day he decided to jump on the weight-loss bandwagon. He started on July 30, 2013. To date, he has lost 25.8 lbs. Daniel decided to start loosing weight for a few reasons. Reason #1 was because he noticed the scale going the wrong way. He had […]

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Fellow Sweat Bee Anna

Meet Anna! She started her ”journey” on August 19, 2013. Anna’s jump start had stemmed from a visit from her niece and when she had looked back on all her pictures from the visit she became discouraged. Anna either found herself hiding in the pictures or she made sure and took them from chest up.   […]

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Fellow Sweat Bees

The 2 Sweat Bees have noticed “Fellow Sweat Bees” who have been working hard to change their life style. We love that you guys are sharing your progress with us!   Today, we would like to recognize someone we have been noticing a lot from. This person has been showing some major commitment. Every time […]

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Sweat Bees

Today we have received an awesome shout out by one of our favorite bloggers. The Hot Mess Princess has once again graciously put our name out there. We appreciate her keeping us motivated and pushing our name out there. It’s definitely a good feeling to have others view and appreciate your progress. With all the help and […]

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