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Water Bottle Rafting…….

Many of you may remember our post back in May of 2014. We posted a picture of our water bottle raft that we had worked so hard on. The raft included 92 water bottles, 2 rolls of duct tape, 5 tubes of caulking, lots of creativity, and later LOTS of saran wrap. We were so […]

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You are the only one that knows the battle you are going through but you choose not to share it. I find myself thinking this all the time. It’s true! No one really knows how you feel because they aren’t in your situation. So, why not share it? Over the weekend, I was camping and […]

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Trick or TREAT

It’s that time of year again! The little fun-sized devils are calling my name. One year we ended up with so much candy, I told my kids it wasn’t allowed in the house. So, what did we do? We stood outside on the porch and ate it. Not this year!! I will definitely limit the amount […]

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You Never Really Know A Person’s Struggle…..

Have you ever just sat down and thought about where you are in your life? Maybe you have thought about all your accomplishments and how each one has made you feel? Then all of a sudden, the regrets and failures replace that thought?   I think this is something we all go through at different […]

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Accomplishment Journal

  I ran across this idea on Pinterest and I seriously love it. How cool would it be to look back at all the progress you have made?? This example is for weight loss but it could be for anything! I think I would like to make one for all of the 5K events that […]

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Whats Your Fitness Name?

We recently posted the picture “What’s Your Fitness Name?” on our Facebook page. We had such a great response, we decided to go ahead and make a blog post out of it. So, what’s your fitness name?

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Announcing February Challenge……

Tomorrow (January 31st) is the last day of our 12-day challenge. So that means two things are in order: BRAG REPORT!!! Write in and tell us all about how you rocked our challenge. We want to hear if you lost weight or  feel better or if this was the type of challenge you might like […]

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Temptation Tuesday…..

Today, I have been tempted!!! I got up from my desk and was headed to the candy machine. But, I kept walking past the door. I came back and downed a bottle of water and ate some jello. I made a promise to myself and others to start eating healthy and to avoid as much […]

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