Two friends getting fit and having fun along the way.

We Can Do It!!!!

Aren’t we LOVELY!!! I’m sure we will look MUCH worse than this. It will be so worth it and the excitement has set in!!!

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Danielle and I completed our first 1 mile walk/run earlier this year. We did the Glow-Run which was a way to help support our local Children’s Advocacy Center. It was a big deal for us because not only was it our first major step towards improving our health as well as our families but it […]

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First 5k

Okay, so we have finally decided to run our first 5K! Are we ready? Nope! hahaha but we are pushing ourselves past our comfort zones. Sometimes you have to do that to keep yourself going. Lately we have both experienced a lack of motivation. Part of our reason for starting this blog was to keep […]

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Welcome to our blog!!!

Hi, Welcome to our blog. We are very excited about this project and hope you will enjoy it and contribute to it by leaving us comments of advice and¬†encouragement.¬† Our names are Danielle and Sandra, we are friends and co-workers who go to the gym everyday after work and SWEAT our little bee-hinds off. Well, […]

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